Raise Your Game

Major Gift Training

Content designed to enhance specific areas of expertise and help Major Gift Officers (MGOs) grow and meet their training goals. The two-tiered format to the Major Gift Training pieces--with the Setup and the Solution posed on successive pages.

Which of the following might be good reasons for a donor to use an asset to make a major gift to your organization?   More>

Gift agreements should be a critical part of your major gifts program. They prevent misunderstandings and are a wonderful way to show your donor how important they are to your organization. More>

The Question: When a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is established, what are the critical factors in calculating the annuity payment? More>

All life-income gifts share a set of key characteristics. Which of the following are true? More>

TRUE or FALSE: It is possible for your organization to receive a testamentary gift even if the donor does not have a will. More>

Layla Middleton is a loyal supporter of your organization. At 55, she owns her own business and throws a huge amount of energy into her work. She's single, no kids. You've asked her for a major gift, but she's been hesitant. What's a good way forward? More>

We frequently have the opportunity to consider an offer of gifts of tangible personal property (TPP) to our organizations. What is the key caveat? More>

Engaging people in the life and mission of your organization is a fascinating challenge. Know the right questions to ask, and know how to listen. More>

What is a contact report? Why is it important? When should I make one? What to include and more ... More>

Stewardship is more than simply thanking donors for their gifts; it’s a philosophy grounded in the desire to treat donors as partners in your work. So what are the essential elements of authentic stewardship? More>