Raise Your Game

Major Gift Training

Content designed to enhance specific areas of expertise and help Major Gift Officers (MGOs) grow and meet their training goals. The two-tiered format to the Major Gift Training pieces--with the Setup and the Solution posed on successive pages.

Explore why it's important to have the development officer present at the solicitation. Part 1 of 3. More>

Providing an incentive to the donors in your organization will encourage them to give or even to increase their giving. Both “Challenge Gifts” and “Matching Gifts” are tools that have great potential for increased fundraising. More>

Gail Perry is a nationally recognized fundraising guru. In this call, she takes us step by step through how to make a major gift call. More>

Last year, in the face of possible changes to tax policy during the "fiscal cliff" deliberations, a whole bunch of people set up donor-advised funds (DAFs).  More>

How can you prepare and position yourself before and during meetings with prospects to maximize your opportunity for success? More>

How do you best prepare for the conversation the Dean has asked you to have with Jim and Mimi? Part 2 of 3. More>

Judy Johnson and Gloria Swanson have been together for 30 years, and they live on 50 acres of property Judy purchased 17 years ago in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. More>

As a major gift officer you’ve developed a great relationship with Shirley Knot, a significant donor to your organization. How would you handle this potentially complicated situation that arises with Shirley? More>

Often, the best way to have a productive visit is to have a written plan. Here are some ideas: More>

Are you asking big enough questions? Have you heard the following from any of your donors or prospects recently? More>