Raise Your Game

Major Gift Training

Content designed to enhance specific areas of expertise and help Major Gift Officers (MGOs) grow and meet their training goals. The two-tiered format to the Major Gift Training pieces--with the Setup and the Solution posed on successive pages.

Let’s briefly delve into what your organization means when they tell you it is your responsibility to build relationships. More>

You can assume your donor is wondering all these things, whether they ask directly or not. More>

“You never want to be remembered for what you are wearing.” More>

An examination of the positive roles that fundraisers play in their work. More>

Once you have qualified a potential major donor prospect,
How long does it take before they make a major gift?
How many meetings or moves do you need to close the gift? More>

Founder Laird Yock shares about the value of being at the table as donors consider their philanthropy. More>

If there was ever a year when your organization should be receiving gifts of securities, this is it. More>

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Check out three more noteworthy items from a recent study offering valuable insight into how high net worth people think about their finances and their philanthropy. More>

“Do we live for philanthropy, or do we live off of philanthropy? Do you have an occupation in philanthropy or do you pursue a passion for philanthropy?” More>

"Our friends just set up a Charitable Remainder Trust and I'm curious: Does the number of beneficiaries of the trust affect the tax benefits?" Read on for the answer. More>