Raise Your Game

Major Gift Training

Content designed to enhance specific areas of expertise and help Major Gift Officers (MGOs) grow and meet their training goals. The two-tiered format to the Major Gift Training pieces--with the Setup and the Solution posed on successive pages.

We know that being well prepared with a creative major gift proposal can make a big difference. But should you use technology in the ask? More>

As more and more of our major donors use Donor Advised Funds, it's our responsibility to have a confident understanding of this important tool. More>

In this podcast, we talk about ways that you can incorporate a planned giving conversation into a visit with any donor. More>

With a truly big “big ask,” how do you know whether the proposed request is appropriate? More>

The best requests for support involve asking your donor to consider four types of gifts in a single proposal. More>

Before making a big ask, how certain are you that this is the right project, amount, and time to make this request of this particular prospect? More>

The Most Important Gift We Rarely Talk About
Step gifts, often referred to as a "test gifts," are one of the most important concepts we want you to take to heart. More>

At her recent meeting with Roger, Jenna asked him to consider joining other key supporters and to increase his giving to $10,000. We unpack how Jenna should respond. More>

Jenna Smith is a major gift officer who has an established relationship with a long-time donor to her organization named Roger Sherman, who has made annual gifts in the $1,000 range for the past 10 years--some made via check, others via credit card.At her recent meeting with Roger ... More>

Your Reason for Being
It's time to focus on your reason for being here: you are taking the steps to secure resources in support of your organization's mission. More>