Raise Your Game

Major Gift Training

Content designed to enhance specific areas of expertise and help Major Gift Officers (MGOs) grow and meet their training goals. The two-tiered format to the Major Gift Training pieces--with the Setup and the Solution posed on successive pages.

She had done her homework. She had studied the donor prospect, and had observed that he was a visual learner, that he was assertive, and that he expected the best. The MGO addressed all three of those characteristics without saying a word. More>

Listening is an Art. The practice of active listening can help us communicate better--both with our donors and our friends and families. More>

Don’t be late! Turn off your phone! Let's take a quick look at four habits of successful gift officers when meeting with donors and prospects. More>

You’ve secured the appointment, done your homework, and now it is time for the Event!
You've taken care of all the necessary steps: More>

Rather than point you to more reading about how to listen, we thought we'd recommend some short videos, so that you can watch and listen and learn about the active listening principle i More>

Listening is hearing with a purpose. More>

We always prefer to get all relevant parties to the table at the same time, and to do this as early in the relationship as possible. Why? More>

Remember, especially when it feels hard, that you are doing inspired and important work. More>

“The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork.” - Oscar Wilde
As with many aspects of life, etiquette yields one of two outcomes:
You can get caught doing it wrong and be judged negatively, or
You can do it right and appear gracious and thoughtful. More>

The Benefits of Mapping Donor Meetings
Before you meet with a prospect, one of the best things you can do is to create a map of the meeting. It's a key ingredient in making your interaction mutually beneficial and productive. More>