The Importance of Being Donor-Centric

One of our primary missions must be to show our donors that we join with them as a defender. The only way to accomplish that is to prove you are genuinely interested in a) them as individuals, and b) the way they go about their philanthropy. To form and sustain the most effective partnership between donor and institution, you must be donor-centric even as you satisfy the needs and goals of your organization.

Parking the Car and Other Practicalities

How can you prepare and position yourself before and during meetings with prospects to maximize your opportunity for success? Let's take a look at some key rules that apply to every MGO.

We'll start by looking at rules for initial meetings, then look at meetings in an office setting, then the home setting, then a neutral location, and lastly look at ways to show respect, affection and interest to elderly donors.


I. Turn off your phone 15 minutes prior to the appointment

A Sticky Situation

As a major gift officer you’ve developed a great relationship with Shirley Knot, a significant donor to your organization. How would you handle this potentially complicated situation that arises with Shirley?

Sample Gift Agreement: Capital Gifts

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a sample, and is presented as such for your reference. It should not be reproduced.

THIS GIFT AGREEMENT is entered into this _______ day of ____________, 20__, between _____________________ (the “Donor”) whose current primary address is  _______________________, and _______________________,  a tax exempt, non-profit organization located in ______________, ________________(the “Charity”).