Before making a big ask, how certain are you that this is the right project, amount, and time to make this request of this particular prospect?

Step Gifts

The Most Important Gift We Rarely Talk About

Step gifts, often referred to as a "test gifts," are one of the most important concepts we want you to take to heart.

The Meeting

This meeting is little different from any other meeting you have previously had with the donor prospect; how are you going to control the environment and the flow of the meeting?

Introduction to The Ask Course

Your Reason for Being

It's time to focus on your reason for being here: you are taking the steps to secure resources in support of your organization's mission.

Often, articles and courses about gift requests have titles like, "How To Get Big Gifts." You won't find anything like that at Philanthropy Works. We have been doing this work a long time, and we know gifts are given, not acquired.

The Importance of Being Donor-Centric

One of our primary missions must be to show our donors that we join with them as a defender. The only way to accomplish that is to prove you are genuinely interested in a) them as individuals, and b) the way they go about their philanthropy. To form and sustain the most effective partnership between donor and institution, you must be donor-centric even as you satisfy the needs and goals of your organization.