Gift Planning

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You don't have to be an expert in creative gift planning to be of great value to your donors and your organization. Know when to call in your colleague or advisor from gift planning.

Sample Gift Agreement: Capital Gifts

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a sample, and is presented as such for your reference. It should not be reproduced.

THIS GIFT AGREEMENT is entered into this _______ day of ____________, 20__, between _____________________ (the “Donor”) whose current primary address is  _______________________, and _______________________,  a tax exempt, non-profit organization located in ______________, ________________(the “Charity”).

Charitable Gift Annuity: How Payments Are Calculated, Part 2

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The two main factors to keep in mind when helping donors consider a CGA are 1) age and 2) number of annuitants.

Expressed as equations, they look like this:

1) O + F + L = B  

The Older the beneficiaries/annuitants, and the Fewer beneficiaries or annuitants, and the Lower the payout rate, the Bigger the overall tax benefits.