Gift Planning

Real Estate: Questions to Ask

You ask your donor the Perfect Question, and when you do, they inform you that they no longer use their condo in Florida, and as such want to get rid of it. With a little more conversation, you find that they're interested in learning more about how to use the condo to make a difference for your organization. 

In determining if the condo will make a smart gift for your organization and your donor, there are a number of questions that you need to have answered: 

1. What is the property type? 

Estate Plan

It's an unfortunate fact that many (most?) of the charitable donors out there do not have a current estate plan. Sad, but true. At the same time, a gift through a donor's estate is the most logical and frequent source of major gifts.

It's All on You

To be a great major gift officer you have to be really good at listening to your donors. Listen for clues to help them make a better gift, and practice your response to these common concerns.