Gift Planning

Becoming Professional

In the world of development, what does it mean to be PROFESSIONAL?  

Ours is an industry where success turns on having insights into both the inner workings of gift planning and the finer points of building and maintaining relationships.

There are so many aspects to being professional, ranging from:

Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes: How to Gift/Accept

What we said at the beginning of this section bears repeating: You should be clear with your donors that a gift of bonds during their life is not in their own best interest. However, they may make a very good charitable gift via an estate.  

If they want to explore this avenue, donors need professional support and advice to make certain they're not in danger of triggering taxes.

Retirement Plans: Who, Why, When


Anyone who has earned income is eligible to start and contribute to a retirement fund. Donors who mention having significant amounts of money in their retirement funds are likely people who began saving early in life because time is such a key factor in accumulating wealth (think Rule of 72).

As there are maximum amounts allowed to be contributed to these funds, those with large funds may well have other assets that can be a great source for charitable gifts.