The Importance of Being Donor-Centric

One of our primary missions must be to show our donors that we join with them as a defender. The only way to accomplish that is to prove you are genuinely interested in a) them as individuals, and b) the way they go about their philanthropy. To form and sustain the most effective partnership between donor and institution, you must be donor-centric even as you satisfy the needs and goals of your organization.

The Approach Less Taken

If you’re engaging a donor for a single purpose, such as a gift to a campaign, you'll find that traditional fact-finding discussions are generally successful. However, rarely if ever will you find traditional fact-finding interactions leading to commitments from donors that will truly make a difference long-term for your organization.

Building Trust

The Oxford English Dictionary defines trust as "firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of character." Other dictionaries give a host of synonyms: Reliable, good, honest, effective, fair; confidence, integrity, strength, ability, surety.

It's All on You

To be a great major gift officer you have to be really good at listening to your donors. Listen for clues to help them make a better gift, and practice your response to these common concerns.