Take the Road Less Traveled

Turning a CGA into Season Tickets

This fun story is a great reminder that gift planning utilizes wonderfully flexible tools that do good for your donors. With these tools, you can help your donors accomplish objectives that most donors - and even most gift officers - would never consider, because their lack of expertise limits their ability to recognize these opportunities. 

Remember, you don't have to be an expert in charitable life income arrangements or wealth planning. You just need to be familiar enough with these tools to recognize potential opportunities. The most important information and practices you need are:

  • Regular contact with the staff (or volunteers) who structure gift plans for your organization
  • Continuing education - be sure you are always increasing your knowledge
  • Good listening skills so that you are attuned to what your donors and prospects are saying

So take 5 minutes and start learning today. Check out this creative way that a savvy gift officer helped his donor to make a great gift.  

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