Gift Planning Field Guide

Have you ever wished for an online resource to help you answer your gift planning questions?

One that's thorough and up to date, but also easy to use and reads like it was written by real people?

Welcome to the Gift Planning Field Guide. Now you can get complex gift questions answered in clear, unambiguous terms.

The Gift Planning Field Guide Gets You:

  1. A searchable database of all Asset Types. Learn about the full spectrum of your donors' giving possibilities.
  2. A searchable database of all Gift Types. Match your donors' specific assets to the best means of giving them.
  3. Updates on key Tax Issues. So you know what to pay attention to.
  4. Ongoing Education. Develop a broad base of knowledge on key gift planning issues.

The Gift Planning Field Guide Lets You:

  1. Brush up before a donor visit. Instead of searching through a dusty 3-ring binder from that one seminar you went to, you can turn to the Field Guide to find the key details about the relevant gifting situation.
  2. Absorb new content in easily digestible chunks. The Field Guide is set up to help you learn in an accessible and efficient manner that helps you build expertise over time.
  3. Help your organization get set up to accept the right gifts. Find ways to build your gift planning capacity, regardless of the size of your organization. The GPFG helps you figure out where to put your energy, and helps you define the steps you need to take in order to realize your organization's gift planning goals.


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For a taste of the kind of resource that the Gift Planning Field Guide can be for you and your organization, check out the Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) section. 

Intuitive and Easy to Use:

Looking at the left-hand menu, you'll see that we've organized the content according to 7 categories each acting as a door to its own realm in the gift planning world:

  1. ASSET TYPES. When engaging a prospect about gifting assets rather than income, what the donor needs most from you and your organization is trust. This section takes a closer look at the significant number of asset types and how they can be successfully gifted.
  2. GIFT VEHICLES. By helping donors unpack the available giving options, you'll help them maximize their gift to your organization, assure an income stream for beneficiaries, and enjoy considerable tax benefits. Each type of Gift Vehicle starts with an overview and includes pages on how it works, assets that fund it, tax issues, how to accept the gift, and more.
  3. GIFT ADMINISTRATION. Get information on the nuts and bolts of how to accept assets and complex gifts, how to work with community foundations, philanthropic advisors, and more.
  4. ESTATE PLANNING. Our ever-growing selection of content related to the vast world of estate planning includes donor-advised funds vs. family foundations, trusts, the estate probate process, and more.
  5. FINANCIAL BASICS. How do people with money think about money? So often, our success in securing a gift depends on picking up the nuances in your conversations with benefactors. For that to happen, you must at least be able to hear what's being said and know how to ask the right questions. 
  6. TAXES. Get the key facts and terminology that are important to be aware of during conversations with current and prospective donors.
  7. GLOSSARY OF TERMS. Straightforward definitions for the full alphabet of terms in the gift planning world.

Remember that the Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) section of the Gift Planning Field Guide is open to visitors. If you haven't already, we encourage you to take a look.