FAQ: Taking & Completing Courses

The navigation in our Courses section is generally straightforward. However, there are a couple of areas that bear clarification:

  1. Navigating a Course in Philanthropy Works
  2. How to Document that You've Completed a Course

Let's take a quick look at both.

I. Taking a Course in Philanthropy Works

Course content is designed such that you start at the top and make your way down through the links in the left-hand menu.

Please note that the course structure requires you to go in order -- you won't be able to access the content further on in a course until you have read the pages that come before it.  

In a given course, some of the content may be linked in from another section of Philanthropy Works. As such, the links built into certain pages will lead you away from the course you're working on.

If you follow your curiosity and find yourself in another section of the site, you can easily return to your course by clicking the tab at the top of the page that reads IN SESSION -- Take me back to my course: 


II. How to Document That You've Completed a Course

When you have finished a given course and passed the quiz, that course has been completed. At this point you can document that you have finished the course in either of two ways: 

1.  Your Account. Go to the Your Account page and click on Courses -> Completed. This will show you all the courses that have been finished. Also listed will be any courses that are in progress. Feel free to take a screen shot of this page or print it. 

Or, in order to download a .pdf certificate documenting that you've completed the course:

2.  The Complete Button. Use the left-hand menu navigation to click through the course pages until it says "complete" at the bottom:

Now click back to the Q/A. If it's been completed and the quiz has been passed, a Certificate link will appear in your menu, and clicking it will let you download a .pdf certificate confirming that you've passed the course: